“To summarize the depth and value of Patricia’s involvement in each of the projects she has had a hand in over these six years would take much more space than is available here. Her personality and range of direct experience in so many areas that impact the Museum in varying degrees allowed her to work flawlessly between politicians, business partners, media, paid Museum staff, Museum volunteers, donors, any number of various suppliers, educators, and Museum trustees. She is very well organized and manages her time on tasks effectively and efficiently. She is an exceptionally good listener and has an innate ability to seek clarification of comments made to verify one’s direction or standing. Her skills as a writer, presenter and as a facilitator are exemplary. I can say with confidence, that you, and/or your organization will benefit from contacting Patricia to discuss your project.”
— Phil Morse

What Colleagues Say


“Patricia is a remarkably solid manager. Bright. Clear. Articulate. Communicative. Foresighted. Organized. Collegial. Affable. Ethical. Steady. Open.... If you are looking for an administrator or project manager with clarity of purpose, stick-to-itiveness, and the ability to navigate challenging situations, then you should hire Patricia.”

— Rob rosenthal

“Patricia Erikson is an extremely talented marketing and communications professional whose variety of skills enable her to successfully handle the multi-faceted, face-paced requirements of her job.”

— john ritzo

“She has been very collaborative and helpful in our marketing efforts. She is creative and has excellent public relations and writing skills. Her creativity has helped boost our recruitment efforts in numerous ways. Her ability to problem solve, combined with the skills above, make her an asset to any team.”

— lynne robinson

“Tricia is a gifted storyteller with an astute ability for forward-thinking, strategic planning. She understands not only the end goals of Institutional Advancement but, more importantly, how to achieve them. She is thoughtful, diligent, and ethical in every aspect of her work. I felt motivated, supported, and acknowledged by her leadership style. She constantly looks to raise the bar and encourages her co-workers to do the same. Her love of learning and commitment to social and environmental wellbeing would suit any number of educational or nonprofit organizations.”

— emma joyce

“It is such a pleasure (and relief!) to have a creative and competent person handling our publicity. She is quite thoughtful about finding the "story" within each article and press release she writes, and is patient, thorough, and dependable. I'm constantly amazed at her flexibility to adapt within our ever-changing landscape and her ability to assume various related roles as needs arise. I highly recommend her!”

— kimberly post

“In the nonprofit/education world, you are often asked to wear many hats and Tricia's impressive and extensive experience had us prepared for every project. In the Marketing and Communications office, we focused primarily on Public Relations and multimedia campaigns. Tricia managed the difficult balance of using new media/technology within a traditional setting. I would seize the opportunity to work with her again!”

— marissa fortier

“I had the pleasure of working with Patricia to develop educational curriculum for the "Malaga Island: Fragmented Lives" museum exhibit. She was a joy to work with! Patricia was professional, thorough, and wonderful at creative thinking and making helpful suggestions for the entire project. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.”

— kate mcbrien

“Patricia is a visionary leader with tremendous organizational and literary skills to carry out big ideas. She is thorough, knowledgeable, and can engage groups while fostering curiosity, all in good style.”

— jamie hogan