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Patricia P. Erikson, Ph.D., APR

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Patricia Pierce Erikson, Ph.D., APR

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Welcome to Whitecap Consulting Maine

Institutional Capacity & Partnership Building

Press conferences, integrated social media campaigns, and other strategies become essential tools for resource-scarce non-profits to market effectively their message and offerings to the general public or specific audiences. I organized the above press conference to announce a ground-breaking partnership between a secondary school and a university.

Whitecap Consulting Maine

Welcome to Whitecap Consulting Maine, founded in 2007. My consulting services can assist your non-profit organization or program to achieve its mission-driven goals. Whether you're looking to market an existing program or design a new public relations campaign from scratch, I can assist you. My preferred areas of work are:

  • education

  • cultural history

  • STEM

  • Arts

  • social justice

Whether I'm designing public relations/communications campaigns, inquiry-based educational programs, or museum exhibits, each program is uniquely tailored to your goals. I'm happy to brainstorm with you and provide a quote.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." -Nelson Mandela

Most non-profit organizations hope to spur some sort of social change or betterment. This usually involves stimulating change at many levels: the perceptions of individuals, the work process of organizations, and the commonly-held beliefs of society overall. In collaboration with Maine State Museum staff, I designed & facilitated professional development workshops for staff & teachers - as well as designed curriculum - to tackle a sensitive chapter in Maine's history: the eviction of the multi-ethnic community of Malaga Island..